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Captivating videos and animations require specific Fonts for ease of users. A good choice of fonts increases the visual appeal, readability, and overall message of the video. Fonts have special characteristics to convey specific moods, tones, and messages without any alternative. 

Latest Alight Motion Fonts 2024 offers a huge range for videos and animations. Users can also use custom fonts in their projects. But before selecting a font, you must have a little know-how of fonts. Every font has its specific visual message. 

How to choose a Font?

Every font has its pros and cons. Careful consideration is required before selecting a font. Key points for consideration are appended below: –

How to Choose Video Editing Fonts Infographics


Always choose a font that is clear and legible. In different sizes and screens, it must be clear and legible.  Keep in mind the background so that size, weight, spacing, and contrast all match well. Avoid using thin and decorative fonts. These fonts are hard to read.

Tone and Visual Style

Fonts are used to convey emotion and moods. Always consider the overall tone and emotion of your video or animation. To give a modern, tech-savvy feel, use bold and geometric fonts. Handwritten scripts increase the personal and elegant touch.  Keep in mind that a formal documentary requires a different font than a playful ad.

Brand Consistency

Brand-aligned fonts are more useful than any other. Always use the same fonts as your brand identity. It always increases viewer interest. It also increases the cohesive look and feel of your content.

Creative Expression

A good choice of fonts increases the storytelling and visual interest of your video or animation. Uniqueness plays a great role in this selection. Keep your imagination alive and create different styles by experimenting with different combinations of these fonts. Animation is also a good option to express more feelings.


Keep in mind that the use of some fonts in commercial projects requires a proper license. If you require that, approach the concerned authority/owner for issuance.

Supported Format

The format of fonts must be considered before using it. Some fonts are too heavy to load. Some are complex to use. Such fonts affect user experience and also use too many resources.

Latest Alight Motion Fonts 2024

Latest Alight Motion Fonts 2024 (Custom)

Alight Motion offers a valuable feature of custom fonts. This feature enhances the overall creative potential of users. Using this feature in a good way increases the overall user experience and productivity of video or animation.

How to Upload

For custom fonts first, you need to download and keep them uncompressed. Then import the font in the Alight Motion font browser. 

For Font Browser, simply tape on any text layer, tape edit text, and open the Font list. 

Choose view all fonts. Once in the font menu, open the side menu and tape on input fonts. Navigate to the Font Folder you downloaded. Tape the font you like to import.

In some devices, you can long press to enter multi-select mode to import several fonts at once. To see the fonts you have imported, turn on the imported option in the side menu. 

Note that on iPhone and iPad, you can also manage custom fonts manually by adding or deleting them in the Alight Motion folder in the Files.

Fonts and their Usage

Fonts are used according to the video or animation’s basic tone, message, and visual appeal.  A good selection of fonts enhances the users’ interest and feelings. Some popular fonts and their usage are discussed in the following: –

Fonts and their Usage

Serif Fonts

Classical and Traditional Fonts are used in formal settings. If you are looking for news, documentary, or academic presentations, use Serif Fonts. Times New Roman, Georgia, and Baskerville are all Serif Fonts.

Sans-Serif Fonts

To give versatility and a modern look to your content. These fonts are the perfect choice. You can use them in corporate videos and modern animations. These fonts are useful for any variety of projects. Helvetica, Arial, Futura, and Calibri are the most common Sans-Serif Fonts.

Script Fonts

The popular font for creativity, elegance, and personal touch is Script Font. You can use it in wedding videos, invitations, or any other content that requires sophistication and a personal touch. Brush Script, Pacifico, and Lobster are all Script Fonts.

Decorative Fonts

Every content has its tone and feelings. Decorative fonts are used sparingly. E.g. you can use Comic-San for light-hearted content, headlines, and bold statements. Comic San, Impact, and Papyrus are all decorative fonts.

Monospaced Fonts

These fonts are best for tech-related videos. These fonts are aligned for horizontal space. They give us a retro or typewriter feel. Courier News and Consolas are monospaced fonts.

Playful and Friendly Fonts

If you are looking for lighthearted content, especially for children. Bubble Gum Sans are rounded letters that exude cheerful mode. You can use them for children’s animation and explaining/training videos. 

You can use Comic Neue to inject humor and dynamism into your visuals. For do-it-yourself (DIY) videos and stop-motion animation. Homemade Apple Font adds a personal touch to your content.

For infographics and title cards, use Fredoka One. A slightly irregular font is used for bold and geometric content. It brings special attention due to its charismatic personality.

Modern and Stylish Fonts

Use Modern and Stylish Fonts in your videos

Proxima Nova gives a sophisticated touch to your content. A versatile san-serif with subtle and clean lines. It is useful for corporate presentations to fashion montages.

Most of the tech-focused animation and videos use Geomatriches due to their sharp angles with precise construction. It increases the minimalist aesthetic of content.

For condensed proportions and a contemporary feel, use Raleway. A popular font for its readability. 

If you want to increase the impact of your title sequences or video trailers, use Gotham. It exudes boldness and a confident aura.

Elegant and Expressive

While working on historical documentaries and luxury brands, use Playfair Display. A graceful serif with elegant proportions. This font increases the timeless sophistication in visuals.

Elegant and Expressive Fonts for video editing

For educational videos and corporate presentations, use the Garamond font. A historical serif with a classical typeface. It gives refinement and credibility to visuals.

Personal stories and lifestyle videos require a warm and inviting serif font. Merriweather is a perfect font that holds all the requirements. This serif also enhances the handwritten feel.

If your text is long, such as educational content. A combination of classical elegance and contemporary legibility will enhance the impact. Libre Baskerville font is a perfect match for your project.

Bold and Dramatics

For powerful infographics, title sequences, and action trailers, use Oswald font. It has thick lines and condensed proportions. This font demands attention.

Use Bebas Neue font for sports highlights, tech demos, and adrenaline-pumping scenes. A sharp angle with minimal spacing font.

For corporate videos and product tutorials, use DIN Next font. A German industrial signage. It increases the authority and efficiency of your project.

Handwritten and Personal

To add a personal touch and warmth to your project, use Dancing Script font. An elegant and cursive font. Perfect for personal testimonials, handwritten notes, and wedding videos.

For vlogging and behind-the-scenes content, use Brush Script. A versatile handwritten touch font. It increases the natural flow. It also gives a touch of personal connection and authenticity to your content.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, Montserrat font is second to none. A popular versatile with clear lines font.

Another popular font compatible with almost all devices is Roboto. A pre-installed font in most of the devices. A good choice where readability and accessibility are essential.

While editing sometime you may face errors. How to fix Alight Motion Errors.


The latest trends in Alight Motion Graphic Effects are Glitch, Datamosh, 3D, Isometric, Liquid, Organic, Neon, Holographic, and Typography Magic.

Alight Motion offers easy-to-navigate categories. Some important categories are Distortion, Blue, Sharpen, Color, Noise, Grain, Light and Shadow.

The first and most important feature for learning is Layer and Combine. Start experimenting with layer multiple effects.

Secondly, learn Keyframe Animation. Understand the control of your effects over time.

Third, go for Masking and Blending. Learn how to reveal and hide some parts of the effects.

Fourth, learn Sound Design. Sound effects play an important role in your visual effects.

Yes, Alight Motion empowers users to create 3D Animation and motion graphics with its advanced tools.

Yes, Alight Motion gives full freedom to users to collaborate through its collaborative feature. It allows seamless integration with other tools.

For optimization of workflow, and organize your project assets, you can utilize automation tools. You can familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts and the editing process.

Final Verdicts

Latest Alight Motion fonts 2024 offers a huge range of editing; users can use the device’s inbuilt fonts and custom fonts and also download any font for their projects. The versatility of this app brings a revolution in video and animation editing. Give more power to your visual content with the correct usage of these fonts.

Enjoy video and animation editing with this super app in your hand. Before selecting a font, always consider the specs of your device and font. Thanks for reading. You may contact us for any additional information on fonts.

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