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For a video lover, watermarks are intrusive and cause a lot of distraction. While removing these marks, video quality diminishes. Suppose you’re looking for a polished video editing experience and looking for how to remove watermark from video? There are some methods and tools to help you get a professional video. Alight Motion officers have a watermark-free video editing experience.

You can download your stuff without a watermark by using various techniques and manual methods. Some software offers watermark removal features.We discuss the steps in the following paras to remove watermarks from videos.

In this app, there are many versions. In free, APK, and MOD versions mostly, this feature is not available. However, in its premium version,, this feature is available. Edit any video without any watermark. Some mod versions are also available for free with no watermark feature. 

What is a watermark in the video? 

Watermarks are images that are transparent logo images appear in videos after downloading. Most of the apps add their logo in videos. These logs sometimes lead to copyright issues for editors.

Watermarks are embedded in different layers of videos. Some are included in the motion. Removing these marks requires good skills to locate them correctly.

How to Remove Watermark from Video?

There are many ways to remove these marks. Most common and easy methods are as follows: –

First Method

Use softwares or apps to remove watermark from your video. Alight Motion without watermark version is a famous app for such tasks.

Second Method

You can remove the watermark by simply cropping the video frame. But your video may lose important content or composition may be disrupted.

You can also remove the watermark by applying blur or pixelation effect on the watermark. Some areas of the image persist in the video, or may it cover some important content. It may also not work if the logo is present in motion or overlay on an important cont.

How to Remove Watermark with Alight Motion?

In the Alight Motion Free Version, this feature is not available. However, in its mod version, without a watermark this feature is included. In this version, you will find this feature within the app. Use this stunning feature and enjoy the video editing experience.

  • First to download the app or software.
  • Install in your device by allowing unknown resources.
  • Install in your device by allowing unknown resources.
  • Tape on the new project.
  • First upload your video to edit.
  • To remove the watermark use edit option.
  • Alight Motion offers export options in different formats.
  • Open your video, and you will find it without a watermark.
How to remove watermark infographics


The latest trends in Alight Motion Graphic Effects are Glitch, Datamosh, 3D, Isometric, Liquid, Organic, Neon, Holographic, and Typography Magic.

Alight Motion offers easy-to-navigate categories. Some important categories are Distortion, Blue, Sharpen, Color, Noise, Grain, Light and Shadow.

The first and most important feature for learning is Layer and Combine. Start experimenting with layer multiple effects.

Secondly, learn Keyframe Animation. Understand the control of your effects over time.

Third, go for Masking and Blending. Learn how to reveal and hide some parts of the effects.

Fourth, learn Sound Design. Sound effects play an important role in your visual effects.

Yes, Alight Motion empowers users to create 3D Animation and motion graphics with its advanced tools.

Yes, Alight Motion gives full freedom to users to collaborate through its collaborative feature. It allows seamless integration with other tools.

For optimization of workflow, and organize your project assets, you can utilize automation tools. You can familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts and the editing process.

Final Verdicts

Most of the video editors are looking for how to remove watermark from video? However, finding a safe and secure software or app is quite difficult. Always use good, reputable software or apps for these services. Look at the reviews, downloads, and behaviour of the app. Alight Motion offers safe and secure editing features.

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